Investment in LABS Group

1 min readFeb 20, 2021


Propeller is pleased to announce investment in LABS group, a real estate investment platform that leverages blockchain integration.

The LABS platform allows for the fractionalisation of real estate investment, affording greater participation in a market where the cost barriers to entry are generally exclusionary.

The platform features a licensed digital security exchange, operating through its Security Token Exchange Offering (STEO) service, where property owners can tokenize, list and fractionally sell their real estate assets for cryptocurrency.

The platform is underpinned by the utility token $LABS, which powers the ecosystem’s functions of token issuance, lending, the LABS exchange and rewards via crowdfunding. The system also grants the opportunity for collateralised lending whereby $LABS holders can leverage their assets for liquidity or stake to receive rewards.

LABS’ digitisation and democratisation of the real estate market demonstrates the growing inevitability of wider blockchain adoption, and the necessity that all markets are able to operate, and be participated in, agnostic of borders, trading hours and overall capital outlay.

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