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Propeller is an investment fund that specialises in the acceleration of early-stage blockchain and crypto-asset start-ups.

Our diverse team, primarily located in Australia, shares over 20 years of collective experience in the industry.

We have a passion for realising a developer’s vision and seeing their product through to market. Propeller…

We are thrilled to announce our investment in Panther Protocol, a custodian privacy oriented network enabling the storage and transaction of Ethereum-based assets through tokenization on obfuscated peerchains.

A primary characteristic of most decentralized consensus networks is a fully transparent transactional ledger where the details and history of every network…

Propeller has invested in Alkemi Network, an institution-grade liquidity source for digital asset funds and exchanges.

Alkemi Network offers compliance-verified liquidity pools for institutions and exchanges, affording them the tools and capital to participate within decentralized environments.

Legacy financial institutions are restricted in access to DeFi lending sources due to…

Propeller announces strategic backing of DEFI 11, a decentralized fantasy sports platform for mobile, offering dream teams, betting, prediction markets, sporting NFT marketplace and more.

DEFI 11 is a layer 2 blockchain powered gaming Dapp which allows users to anonymously participate in fantasy sports and NFT games. The platform addresses key dilemmas plaguing the current sports betting sector; namely transparency and centralization.

The peer-to-peer ecosystem bypasses house-influence and potential market manipulation whilst affording users anonymity through decentralization, achieved by leveraging the immutable and dispersed nature of consensus networks.

Currently the platform plans to support both cricket and football on release with implementation of further sports and competitions as well as features to follow.

For more about how the DEFI 11 ecosystem operates, have a read of their whitepaper and visit the links below.

Website | Telegram | Twitter


Propeller is pleased to announce our investment in Handle Finance, a decentralised multi-currency stablecoin exchange platform backed by Ethereum.

Stablecoins attend to the volatility inherent to traditional cryptocurrencies by tying their value to an external asset such as the US dollar or gold to induce price stability. …

Propeller is excited to announce our backing of UnoRe, a Reinsurance and risk trading platform built on Polkadot and Web 3.0

What is Reinsurance?

Reinsurance refers to a practice where insurers transfer portions of their risk portfolios to other parties to reduce their exposure to potential payments from large claims…

Propeller is pleased to announce investment in LABS group, a real estate investment platform that leverages blockchain integration.

The LABS platform allows for the fractionalisation of real estate investment, affording greater participation in a market where the cost barriers to entry are generally exclusionary.

The platform features a licensed digital…

Propeller has secured strategic funding opportunities in successful projects and technologies spanning a wide array of applications.

Below are some of the recent projects within our portfolio where we saw value.


Backing innovative blockchain technologies

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